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We provide unique, earth-conscious wedding and event planning and consulting in the Vancouver area.

We focus on reducing waste and lowering your event’s environmental impact with extensive research and knowledge to execute beautiful, creative and responsible events.

We believe every event, small or large, has an opportunity to be developed with the planet in mind.

Our Mission

WasteKnot embraces being transparent with resources and information, being inclusive and accessible to everyone, and holding ourselves accountable.

We lead with our eco-values first: reducing waste, eliminating single-use plastics, and supporting local, ethical and socially responsible businesses.

Our Services

Earth conscious wedding/event planning

  • Free 30' consultation

    Zoom call only

  • 1 hour planning consultation

    Zoom or in-person

  • Partial wedding/event planning

    Up to 30 hours of planning, wedding day services​ available as an add-on

  • Full wedding/event planning

    Up to 100 hours of planning, wedding day services​ available as an add-on

Professionally choreographed dances

Blow your guests away with a well-rehearsed, one-of-a-kind dance that they will never forget!

Mallory is a professional dance teacher and choreographer with an extensive performing background in dance and musical theater. She has taught several styles of dance and can create a wonderful, unique performance for your special day.

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About Mallory

Founder/Lead Planner

Mallory (she/her) is WasteKnot’s founder and lead planner, and she will do everything in her power to create the most amazing event for you. 

She is a certified Wedding Planner, Consultant and Coordinator with The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. She is also a founding member of MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events), and a new member of the New West Chamber of Commerce and Emerald Hour Organization. She has a background in catering and entertainment, and has a passion for events and nature. 

Photo by Stef Fournier Photography

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