Wedding Trends: What works, what doesn’t

Wedding season is HERE! Get creative, but be careful- just because something looks cool on Pinterest does not mean it actually works well in real life. Your planners/coordinators are working hard! Here are some things that in my opinion work well, and others that need to GO.

What I’m liking:

  • Smaller cakes/other bite-sized dessert guests options
  • Bubble tea station with reusable cups and straws! (excellent non-alcoholic treat)
  • Telephone guest book (fun) or traditional guestbook (simple but effective)
  • Water stations (stay hydrated!)
  • Lounge areas for guests (Comfy seating placed around in a nice way for guests to relax and chat)
  • Photo Booth (hire a professional and let them do the work instead of the DIY photo guestbook please)
  • Hanging lighting and greenery/florals (opens up the space!)
Jake Anderson Photo

What I would like to see less of:

  • 3+ tiered wedding cake (so much work to serve and usually too much leftover)
  • Floral Foam (Just no more please!)
  • Artificially dyed florals (Ugh)
  • DIY Polaroid photo guestbook (overdone, a planner’s nightmare, creates tons of waste, and honestly never goes well)
  • Balloon arches (Ugh)
  • Sparkler send-offs (I personally have seen enough)
  • Tall tapered candles on candlesticks (Look pretty but…so much work, and I 100% watched as someone’s hair actually caught fire)

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! xo Mallory

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