No Churros! (How to Choose Wedding Desserts)

Hi friends! It’s been a minute, and as you know I’m not a fan of writing blogs. But I’ve been asked about desserts so many times as a wedding planner this year, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to sweets, so here we go…

YOU DON’T NEED CHURROS AT YOUR WEDDING. Don’t get me wrong, I love churros. But only if they are FRESH and HOT. They should crunch but taste like a pillow inside, not like a cold, soggy piece of rubber. The chances of having QUALITY churros at a wedding are very low, unless you magically get someone to make them fresh and fry them onsite. Most catering kitchens are not equipped for this, and therefore they would be re-heating or delivering them onsite. Yikes.

Be careful with other fried foods, like the beloved doughnut (or donut, however you decide to spell it. I use the “Americanized” donut spelling). I LOVE DONUTS and yes, I had donuts at my wedding. But I had them made fresh that morning and they still tasted great by the time we dug into them that night. I did not “display” them on a board with pegs where they could dry out while looking pretty. I kept them in their original box until dessert time, then placed them on a nice platter. They were gone within 20 minutes, and one of my favorite pictures from the night is of me snagging one of the last ones! #classybride

Photos by Lili Lu and Cassie Peach Photography

So…if I have scared you with fried foods, what options are left? PLENTY!

  1. COOKIES- You can NEVER go wrong with a good chocolate chip cookie. I believe they are the perfect choice for any wedding or event. You can even elevate the chocolate chip cookie with extra thickness, dark chocolate, and some sea salt. There are so many cookies in this world, why not choose a few to share with your friends and family on your wedding day? The perfect cookie should be just big enough to satisfy the sweet tooth without leaving a mess behind. Just be careful when looking at getting “pretty and personalized” cookies- if they look too pretty to eat, your guests might be nervous to go for it, or even think they won’t taste as good as they look.
  2. MACARONS– These little babies go SO FAST!! Maybe even faster than cookies, because they are mess-free and one-bite options. Which means you will run out, so you have to get a large quantity, and the more choices of flavors, the more people will want to try each one. You might call them the catch-22 of the desserts! They are small but can actually end up costing more than you think. Fair enough, they aren’t the easiest to make!
  3. CUPCAKES- These are a great choice instead of a slab of wedding cake! They don’t require slicing, have a better icing:cake ratio, and don’t require extra plates and cutlery! Also, they are pretty mess-free, especially if you have seen the Anne Hathaway Hack (If you haven’t, watch it here)!
  4. CANDY JARS- Save some money and buy some bags of your favorite candy. Place them in a large clear jar (maybe put a label on the outside), provide a small scoop or spoon for sanitary reasons, and there you go! Quick and simple sweet tooth without the hassle, and a big hit if you have children (or adults like me) at your wedding. You can also provide to-go bags (made out of recycled paper) so they can carry them on to the dance floor for extra energy, or take some home. Just make sure you have someone assigned to keep the candy area clean every now and then for less mess!
  5. FRUIT- Apparently, not everyone has a big sweet tooth like me. Also some people can’t eat added sugars or went a little crazy at the buffet. If you have access to a refrigerator onsite (*and the catering team doesn’t need the room*) consider some fruit options for dessert. Maybe a some nice mini fruit tarts, some organic grapes for the vegans (joking!), or even chocolate-dipped strawberries for a decadent treat.

Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t have TOO MANY CHOICES. Guests will have a difficult time choosing, so try to stick with 3 options, especially if you do have a wedding cake as well. I hope you enjoyed these Tasty Tips! Did this bog make you as hungry as I am?

Happy eating this Wedding Season!

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