I’m going to be honest with you all. I don’t love reading blogs and I don’t love writing blogs. I try to my reduce my screen time whenever possible, and social media takes up A LOT of that time currently with my start-up. So instead, I will share some of my favorite blog spots written by other people for now until I sit down and write my own.

  1. 1. The Green Union Wedding Blog Based in the UK, they have some awesome eco-wedding blogs. Yesterday (aka Valentine’s Day) they posted a STUNNING shoot with a real couple, and of course the girl was a DANCER! You can definitely tell by the gracefulness in each photo she is in and the short video of the shoot when she twirls or throws her skirt. Everything about the shoot, from the jewelry and fashion to the seaside location and artistic shots, was gorgeous.
  2. 2. Eco Friendly Events Sustainability Blog If you care about the planet and live in Canada, or anywhere for that matter, I hope you know who Romina is. If not, I am grateful to make this introduction! She is a rockstar on all things events and sustainability, and one of the reasons WasteKnot exists. I particularly enjoyed the most recent blog post “5 Ways You can be an Eco-Friendlier Event Attendee”. Such great tips and a pretty short read! All of her blogs are super informative, plus she has FREE RESOURCES on her website! Subscribe to her email and you will NOT be disappointed.
  3. 3. Brown Girl Green Writings Although I mostly keep up with companies and people on Instagram, on occasion I click to read the latest blog from those I admire. BGG is one of them. Like Romina, I look forward to the emails I have subscribed to from Kristy for the great content, FREE RESOURCES, and especially her Green Jobs Board. The latest “Writing” (blog) post was written by Lauren Ritchie and it’s called “Black Faces, Green Spaces”. She discusses a very important topic: environmental racism. A great read for Black History Month, or any month really.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do! Don’t worry, I’ll write my own on occasion too.

Peace and love, Mallory

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